Third-party user registration

Hello everyone,

I developed a small website which can be used to check usernames on several websites, including twitch, facebook, twitter, youtube, … Scantrance

In the next step I would like to offer my users a form, which does the registration on all websites. After searching through the API docs, twitch does not seem to offer an API, which enables me to do that.

Did I miss something in the API docs or is this feature not available? Any plans on supporting me in this endeavour?

Kind Regards,
Matthias Weidemann (ArdentZeal)

I know it used to exist.

I doubt it will return however.
Makes it too easy for people to make spam accounts for spam purposes

Account creation isn’t available in the API and will likely not be added. With OAuth, the authentication flows include a step that displays the sign-up/login form. This keeps third parties out of the business of taking passwords. The docs are here for that flow. reddit has a similar flow, FYI.

a) Third-Party password

I can see that you do not want users entering their password on third party sites, but maybe that is not necessary.

I would be fine with sending your API some required data (e.g. email, username, name) without the password. You can then just send an email to the user confirming his email address and letting him setup a password. So all the really critical steps (email confirmation, password) would still be handled completly on your end, but the users still save some amount of repetitive work. (find register site, fill out form, …). Which adds up if you have to do it N times.

b) Spam

All applications using an OAuth API are identified through some id - here: Client-ID: <client_id>
I would propose opening a register API only to a select few, maybe through an application process. Should there be too much spam just block their access and you should be fine.

Kind Regards,
Matthias Weidemann (ArdentZeal)

Or just redirect them to twitch’s site where they go through the regular registration just like anyone else…

That’s exactly what our OAuth flows do already, @GaryTheCoolGuyIII. :slight_smile: @ArdentZeal is looking for a way to automate registration with little user interaction, which doesn’t exist in the OAuth framework and isn’t supported by Twitch.

I know. That was my point though. It’s not supported, and personally, even tho I love things being easy and quick, I would never use a site like the OP where it would gather my info and plug it into a website for me. I’d rather just to go the website myself and do it. Plus as others have said, there are too many flaws in the idea of opening up flow for anyone to use to register accounts.

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