Thumbnail url issue

Hi i want to ask that due to api update now

is giving thumbnail_url as{width}x%{height}.jpg

but previously it was like

can you please tell me how i can get the above url so that i can convert it to .mp4 url

My purpose is to get .mp4 url of a video clip


This is not supported.

There is no officially supported/documented way to download a Clip or video as a MP4

See also this request for official support:

or for videos

The only supported method is to manually fetch these via the Dashboard

can you please tell me how to to get mp4 url ??? because i didn’t find a way to do it… is there any way to do it.

There is no API available for getting the mp4, the ONLY way is by the means provided on the Twitch Dashboard.

All other means to attempt to download the mp4 programmatically are a violation of the Twitch Developer Agreement.

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