Tidal Extention

Is there a way to create a tidal extention for Twitch with for example:

  • last played songs
  • a music request option


You would have to go to Tidal and see what API they offer and if their TOS allow for such usage.

For a list of previous songs played, or the current one, that may allowed by Twitch in an extension but jukebox like functionality would almost certainly be denied if you want to monetize it with bits, and even without monetization it may still be denied unless you limit it to tracks which the streamer has all of the licenses required to publicly broadcast that song, or songs that don’t legally require a license.

What does this mean:

You are prohibited from using the Service Content as follows:

  • Except as permitted under the Terms, all copying, distribution or other use of the Service Content is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Service Content rights holders.
  • You have no right to engage in the commercial use, sale, resale, assignment, license, modification, making of copies or derivative versions, display, distribution or promotion of the Service Content; provided that to the extent expressly permitted by TIDAL, you may make derivative versions of the Editable Content for use solely in connection with the Edit Functionality.
  • You have no right to play or perform any of the Service Content in public.
  • The use or posting of the Service Content on any other website, application or otherwise, or sharing of the Service Content in a networked computer environment, for any purpose is expressly prohibited.
  • You shall only use the Service Content on platforms which are at your disposal for your personal use as provided herein and pursuant to your Subscription terms, and which support the Services’ technical protection system. You shall not circumvent or try to circumvent the Services’ technical protection system.

Seems like general vague description

Maybe the license system is different then spotify for example.
Btw does anyway know why the last fm extention got removed?

Ask the developer of that extension?