TikTok Time Everybody~!

There needs to be a page that just has twitch clips from each category like tiktok that you can scroll through and just find new streamers through their clips and it gives clips a purpose other than to be posted on exactly 1 reddit forum for karma. Call it TClips or something and it blow up. It helps streamers get discovered and helps the site reach a new audience that wants bite sized content and most importantly it keeps the people on twitch.

This was tried with a product called pulse.

It wasn’t used by enough broadcasters to keep it around

You could try pitching this as a feature idea to the uservoice https://twitch.uservoice.com/

I’ve developed a website that is more or less similar to that idea. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share its link, tho. I have tons of other ideas to develop but I’m a one-man-army right now :smiley:

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Hi, the thread is a bit older but if you still on ideas in this area, you can message me.
I have some ideas too.
Maybe together it could make the thing better and more attractive for viewers and broadcaster.

personally i would like to see the site.