-tmi.twitch.tv- Error logging in

Hi, I am having issues with the mIRC login, I have tried resetting the oauth key and everything but nothing works I still get the tmi.twitch.tv- Error logging in error. Help please!

Could you provide some more details?
Server is irc.twitch.tv
Port is 6667
Password is your oauth key
Username is your twitch username

Here is my server config and here is my options for it

Error Message

Your username has to be all lowercase in the server config.

like this? http://imgur.com/Ha75w89

Sorry, I’m new to this

I believe so… also make sure the oauth password has “oauth:” (without the quotes) before all the random letters. Example oauth password: oauth:dtf90dbr80gdv0fg8gdf08d

Hmm, I still get the error. I have the correct oauth code

I don’t know why it can’t connect to the server

Your Nickname has to be lower case, you just changed your description(Which doesn’t have anything to do with the login) to lower case. So change the nickname as seen here: http://prntscr.com/8dspbs to lower case.

Okay, I changed the nickname and the alternative to lowercase but I still get the same error

I really do hope that you specify the exact username of your twitch account and also made sure that this is your oauth token. Where did you get it from? Try generating one here and make sure it’s the correct account. Password on the IRC server is not your Twitch password, it’s a generated oauth token and it’s tied to your account! (so it can’t just be any token)

At this time i have my bot setup:

notice that i do not have lower case… it does not matter… as it only matters to what you have the username set too… if you have uppercase when you signed up the bot then that is what you need to use… check the confirmation email that will let you know what the case’s are.

you may also look at the following:

i just found this and might assist you with looking at the troubles logging in.
Make sure to use the full code that was provided for oauth code.

Hope this helps

My oauth token is oauth:s4cr0bujg9st5xjhgjw3alecvxvg1q

I used the link and did everything correctly but… no luck

Oh my, NVM I got it! Thanks so much for your guys’ help! :slight_smile:

Regenerate your oauth token if you haven’t already.

Yeah, I recommend regenerating the oauth token. You’re not supposed to share it.

Immediately go to your settings and Disconnect the App you used to generate that token (e.g. Twitch Chat OAuth Password Generator), this will invalidate the token. Re-requesting the token used to invalidate previous ones generated with the same app/account, but I think this may not be the case anymore, so you have to revoke access from your Twitch settings as mentioned to be safe. You can then generate a new token for your actual use.

The access token is sort of a revokable password associated with your account and specific types of access, so sharing the token publicly means everyone can do whatever access is associated with it under your name (in this case log into chat).