Toggle on/off showing how many gift subs someone had gifted in the channel

So many people dont want to advertise how many subs have previously been gifted by them but dont want to go anon and so many streamers dont like how it gets brought up in conversation when a Big gifter gifts “Oh My you have gifted 500 subs in the channel holy crap be my best friend” Can a toggle be made to turn this off? Some streamers may like it but I 100% dont.

Sounds like you refer to

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This is the third party developers support forum. Not the first party viewer helper forum (there isn’t one unless you count reddit)

Thats for the individual tho. That wont work for an entire channel?

Not sure what you mean by “entire” channel, so I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve.

This is a “user preference” not a “channel prefence”

if you are the streamer and you don’t want to see the counts just don’t acknowledge the counts.

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