Top Clip API not returning top clips?

Hey testing out the API and have been getting a response with this api route: guys&period=all&api_version=5

It is returning 20 clips but they are not the top Fall Guys clips of all time. The most viewed one has 20,000 views when looking on Twitch there are clips with over 500,000 views.

Are certain clips not included in this response? Like can streamers chose to not be included? Or do I have to use a different version of the API to get the proper response?

As per the documentation you can show all top clips by using the period=all parameter

yeah I saw that, that param is in my url but doesn’t seem to be showing the top clips of all time… that’s why I’m confused? guys&period=all&api_version=5

game=fall guys

Three params used but the videos being returned are not top of all time… this is the top clip that is returning:

clips: [
slug: ‘TawdryStylishNightingaleBudStar’,
tracking_id: ‘820514605’,
url: ‘’,
embed_url: ‘’,
embed_html: “”,
broadcaster: [Object],
curator: [Object],
vod: [Object],
broadcast_id: ‘320708418’,
game: ‘fall guys’,
language: ‘es’,
title: ‘jajajaja VEGEEETAAA’,
views: 19386,
duration: 12.35,
created_at: ‘2020-08-13T19:55:18Z’,
thumbnails: [Object]

Which I think should be a timthetatman clip with over 500,000 views

Welcome to the “weirdness” of the Clips APIs of Twitch. In this case it seems like a simple lower / upper case issue on the game name. If you use the “correct” game name it returns the TimTheTatman Clip:

lol thanks that worked! I guess I gotta prepare for the weirdness

cheers friend

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