ToS: Is a auto-syndicated multi-twitch app abuse or misuse?

Remember “multitwitch”? (reference:

First off, I am a responsible and disciplined Twitch Partner, to by best ability I will in no way ever knowingly break the ToS. That said, I am at a cross-roads with an app I want to develop.

I am testing an app that auto-syndicates a multitwitch-like webpage. In other words, a webpage that embeds more than one twitch stream based on a list of names. The list of names is made when a streamers adds their name to the list and opens the webpage which contains multiple embedded streams.

We already tested this, and it works really well. The handful of participating streamers are getting 5-10x more views, and the streamers and viewers alike love it.

I just want to make sure this is not “misuse” of any Twitch services, and confirm this is not automated viewing (viewbotting) in any way. Multi-Twitch ( seems to be OK, and i want to make sure that syndicating the list of multi-twitchers is not somehow changing things.

The question might be stated like: When you open a browser with multiple embedded streamers on it (based on a syndicated list of streamers), are you or anyone else misusing Twitch servers?

I just want to make sure I am not missing something here. Thank you guys!

Note: I am not as much interested in discussing other details of this app, eg community perception or how uninformed viewers may feel about “embedding”. I am only interested in the rules and ToS for now. IF we pass that, then im happy to discuss more logistics and community perception. You may be interested to know that the community (including viewers and streamers) so far LOVES this idea and cant wait to see this launch.

Thanks and cheers!

I don’t immediately see any issues with it. People watch multiple streams at the same time all the time, and that’s fine. Many times even encouraged. That said, I can’t definitively comment on whether or not it breaks the terms of service, and I highly doubt you’ll get an answer on a public forum.

Thank you! I suspected this issue may have come up with devs before. Cheers!

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