Total viewer count on stream 4x lower than reality

4 days ago I had a highlight get 1,250 views. My total stream numbers were around 2600-2700. Now they are at 3,050. Now I am technologically inept, but explain to me how this makes sense. More importantly, this has been going on for much longer I suspect. Being robbed views everyday. If twitch won’t count the views properly, I’ll post them on youtube. The whole point of directing ppl to my twitch vods is getting the channel going. I hope this doesn’t sound too hostile.

Thx, Traffic.

This forum is for third party developers who are building integrations with Twitch. You’ll want to reach out to Twitch Support for help. I don’t think highlight views change channel views, which could be why you didn’t see an increase of 1250 for your channel. Support should be able to confirm. :slight_smile:

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