Transaction not found

Hello, something realy wired happend right now. I recive transaction not found but if i use my function to check with an older transactionID it will find it. Can someone explain why old transactions work and new transaction dont?

I even get a transaction id from the transaction object within my extension. I realy dont get it why this happens. in the evening everything was fine and now it just stop working.

ok after arround 30 minutes i was able to get them. Does anyone know why this happen? Did twitch work on something right now? I also got my extension in review can it have anything to do with this?

Sounds like a temporary issue with the API

Twitch generally doesn’t deploy at weekends.

If something is under load due to some e-sports event or something thats likely the culprit.

Ok sadly this means i cant validate live. So im on my old own validation. Which worked like this:

  • Extension calls a api command to get a transaction token inside onTransactionComplete
  • After this send the transaction data from twitch togehter with the created token to the API
  • API checks if the token is valid (unique, no used, creation time < 10 minutes, same HTTP_REFERER)
  • Response with the data to the extension.

Do you think this is secure enough? oh and the token can only created from the extension referer.

You could also use EventSub to recieve transactions as they occur.

It’s your extension so you need to determine what is more secure for your extrension based on what your bits product(s) do.