Transmissions made from a channel

I read the documentation, but i didn’t find a way to get informations about the transmissions made from a channel. I would like to know the start and ending time of the transmissions made trough a channel, is there a way to collect this data?

What kinds of “transmissions?”

Live transmissions. Example: A streamer start to make a live transmission at 10:00 and ends it at 12:00. I could say that a Streamer start a stream at 10:00 and ends it at 12:00. This is the information that i would like to have. Is that clearer?
Thanks for you interest in my problem.

So a stream then. In that case you can use the Streams api and when a stream is live it will include the timestamp when it was created. To know the end time you would have to keep polling the endpoint until the stream is offline and record that time yourself.

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