Triggering Fulfillment

I’ve looked through the Drops 2.0 documentation but am unclear about when my fulfillment service could be triggered to call and give out rewards.

When a Twitch viewer initially links their account on my webpage is a good first opportunity to check, and the trigger is the account linking submission.

But what about after that? When a user with an already linked account claims a drop on Twitch is there any way for me to trigger my fulfillment service again? Does the claim button go back to my webpage? Is there a webhook? Do I poll the Twitch API for entitlements for all my linked users? Can I call the get entitlements api with just a gameid and no userid to get all entitlements?

Ideally I’d like to fulfill rewards as soon as the viewer earns them and not wait to trigger fulfillment on game startup, is that possible?

Hi Karl, yes you can poll the Drops entitlement API to get all entitlements for your game or organization to get a more real-time fulfillment solution. There are still rate limits ( but you will likely not have a problem if you poll once a minute (or less frequently pending your needs) and page through the results.

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