Trouble with API

Hello. I am trying to figure out the twitch API requirements and how to interact with it so I may use my stream data to change values on my overlay.
My big problems are:
-How do I target my API information?
-What should I use to target the API info? (coding language, or type of platform to use)
If someone could help me to understand which way is up I would greatly appreciate it.
PS: I have no experience writing JS or dealing with anything outside of HTML/CSS.

-Thank you for your time!

Target? Not sure what you mean by target.

You can use what ever you are fluent in that supports making HTTP(s) requests and processing JSON. And even then you can make it work using string manipulation so you don’t even need JSON support.

I may have made this more confusing than I wanted. I have a progress bar made on an overlay in Streamlabs OBS. I want to be able to take my current viewers, followers, donation values, and subscribers; and put them into a function. From there it’s easy enough for me to play around until it works.

You can get

  • Stream Status/viewer count from
  • Follower count from
  • Donations/Tips, no idea, best asking StreamLabs about their API since it seems you are using them due to your usage of SLOBS

  • Subscribers from

Thank you for your assistance. I am confused though on how to use the below code. Where do I put this in, and does is need formatting on my part?

curl -H 'Client-ID: uo6dggojyb8d6soh92zknwmi5ej1q2' \
-X GET ''

This is a raw example of how to obtain data on the command line using cURL.

You’d need to make a HTTP request in the language of your choice and process the response data accordingly

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