Trying to embed twitch chat on a website

Hey, so I am trying to make a website for my channel and I don’t get what i need to put on the parent=

Can someone help?

The parent param is for specifying the parent domain that the embed will be on.

For example, if your website is then you must set the parent to If your embed is within another iframe, or if your site is accessible both with and without the www. then you need to include a separate &parent= for each of those.

well currently i have it on my computer, no domain no anything
what do i put?

If your webserver is running on localhost, then put localhost as the parent. If you’re just opening the html file directly, then that doesn’t support embeds.

how can i host it on localhost? any softwares i need to use?

Pick a programming language you’re comfortable working with and Google it, many languages have popular libraries for running webservers. There are options for those without programming experience like Microsoft IIS, but that still requires some technical experience.

Depending on your use case it may simple be easier to put your files on a proper webhost rather than running it locally. There are some that offer free webhosting with various limitations, and many decent paid services.

ok thanks

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