Trying to find stream snipers

Hey, so i have been developing IRC bots for the last 20 years on mIRC, AdiIRC, Eggdrops and a few other clients. So my question is, How would you manage to find stream snipers on a stream.
Here is the context:
We have a few streamers on our Quebecois Roleplay (Fivem) Servers, and they get stream snipes in-game by trolls, all, the, time. We want to try and find those users.
I do have a bot on the streamer’s streams. and i did /raw CAP REQ and /raw CAP REQ but i still can’t see the basic IRC Join/part/quit on there with hostnames.
The goal is to match the ip/host with our network’s database and to apply ip bans to the guilty party.

If anyone has tips or tricks about that, i am all ears.

Basically you wouldn’t

Since join/part is unreliable at best, and doesn’t work at all in “large channels” where more that 1000 people are present.

So using chat isn’t a good way to do this, additionally if the stream sniper is using a different name or doesn’t even login to Twitch.

This idea, doesn’t work at a fundamental level. And you can’t assume someone in game is named the same on Twitch.

And even if you could find them and ban them, you can’t stop them watching the stream.

Additionally you can’t get a member of chat’s IP address anyway (all hosts in TMI are anonomised unlike “regular” IRC)

well, ircu at its base will not have the HIDDENHOST feature, it’s a module.
unless twitch uses something like unrealircd, or ircseven.

Twitch uses a bunch of go scripts wearing a trenchcoat masquerading as IRC.

It’s referred to as TMI which stands for “Twitch Messaging Interface” it’s not “IRC” it’s just “IRC compatible” and uses some/most of IRCv3 and the message structuring.

An example message:

@badge-info=subscriber/87;badges=moderator/1,subscriber/3084;color=#B22222;display-name=CohhilitionBot;emotes=;flags=;id=8c27edda-8c13-4de0-9338-f44ca18e6656;mod=1;room-id=26610234;subscriber=1;tmi-sent-ts=1617897093532;turbo=0;user-id=45522171;user-type=mod :cohhilitionbot! PRIVMSG #cohhcarnage :ACTION zzzz… zzz…zz… huh… huh? What?

Everyone’s host is set to the same format


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