Trying to list Followers via API

So i’m new to js and api’s so please bare with me the lack of knowledge and understanding of this question.

Right now my script can read my follows api:

That is the api i’m using. I have it looking at the last 5 followers on my channel. The problem that i’m having is i’m stuck with it not showing the “display_name” properties with my script. (this is where me being a noob at this doesn’t help.) I’ve tried to follow guides or see other posts but they don’t relate to followers so its harder for me to find a solution. The only thing i have that isn’t working which i think i needed would be variables for the objects.

So can someone explain or help me reach the “display_name” and display them!

Here is my code i’m merging together. Hope its correct. Please help!

Try this:

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that is exactly what i would like it to have!

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