Trying to login to anything and get: "{"status":401,"message":"invalid csrf token"}"

I’ve been trying to login to various websites using my Twitch account. However, I’m getting the error message: “{“status”:401,“message”:“invalid csrf token”}”

  • I can login to Twitch with my account
  • I can’t login to other things using my Twitch account, on Chrome
  • I can login to other things using my Twitch account, on Opera
  • I can login to other things using my Twitch account, on various programs that connect through to Twitch

I’ve googled and tried all the different things

  1. Log out of Twitch and log back in
  2. Clear your cookies from a) b) the application you are trying to connect to Twitch.
  3. Clear all of your browser’s cookies
  4. Update your browser to the latest version
  5. Unlink the connection you are trying to link up and then proceed to re-link them
  6. Do the above 5 steps and restart your computer
  7. Try logging in using incognito/private browsing – these two operate on a cleared cookie basis
  8. Try a different browser altogether, the invalid CSRF token is most common with Firefox
  9. Complain to the Twitch developersOpens in a new tab.

So here I am

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This is usually indicative of something wrong with your browser, your computer or something else.

I can also indicate a browser plugin/extension is interferring with your session and breaking the CSRF token.

This won’t get you anywhere as it’s not a third party issue. We deal with helping people with third party issues such as using the API.

The only time we deal with this issue is when a tool you are building is GETting the oauth entry point instead of redirecting.

But you seem to be having a general issue with the website, based on the steps you have copy/pasted, not a issue utilsing the third party products

In short: we cannot help you, you need to contact support as it appears to be an issue with your environment or something awry with first party Twitch.

So for further help

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