Trying to understand which channels my extension is driving value on

I’ve been using the Twitch analytics since my extension has been released, and to my surprise, with no marketing done (yet), we have bits transactions!

The issue I’m having now is how I can extract data from the specific channels that are 1) using my extension 2) driving bits usage. Can anyone help me with what specific API call I can make to do this specifically?

What I’d love to do is engage with the early adopters and hopefully improve my product. If there’s an API call where I can extract the channels where bits usage is coming from, that would be ideal.

For users that are using my extension, i’m using the API call that shows me live channels with my extension enabled, but don’t know how to get specific metadata on bits usage.

Thank you!

Sounds like you are after

if your EBS is not doing this job for you. And all your purchases has handled client side with no EBS involvement.

Thank you, let me try using the documentation you linked.

@BarryCarlyon I’ve run into an issue. The API call requires Oauth for it to return and the current access token i’ve setup does not have the right permissions.

The reference site says we can call with the App Access Token, i’m not sure where to find it, I only see the extension secret which we don’t want to elevate permissions for because it’s used in our application.

Thanks in advance!

oAuth App access token generation is covered here

You use your Extension Client ID and Extension Client ID Secret to generate an app access token

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