Twitch Account Age API?

I use ankhbot and i used to have a command to check a users account age down to sec if possible. Then Twitch changed the api and i was given this: $readapi($target?units=3[0]'s+account+has+existed+for+[3]). but it doesnt return any time. Can somebody tell me how to get it to work or make me one that does?

That API isn’t the official Twitch API. The official Twitch API is I’m not sure what is to be honest, so we can’t provide support for it.


You can always get the date that a user followed a channel using the /users/{user_id}/follows/channels/{channel_id} endpoint. Then form there you can just subtract the current date from the date they followed.

im trying to do the age also. im using ankhbot also. any luck?

The link that @Kory_Burch is using is a Custom API link that is used for Nightbot, and can only be used for Nightbot. Sorry :frowning:

I would suggest contacting the devs for Ankhbot… you might appease them to do an update for the API update, even though they announced quite some time ago that they were ending active development on that bot… my suggestion, find another bot that has this feature that won’t stop working once v3 API is totally offline (I personallywould recommend PhantomBot, but don’t know if it has the account age feature or not)

EDIT: it does have the functionality

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