Twitch Account Password And Safety

So, i’m a moderator on a few channels on twitch, and sometimes i’m scared that my account would get hacked or something, my password is about 20+ characters. I was wondering if I could get hacked, or i’m I safe.

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So long as you don’t use it on a bunch of other sites that might have security issues, I’d say you’re okay. Of course, nothing is ever completely “unhackable” but with a password that long it’s safe to say you’re secure. Personally, I use KeePass (a password manager) allowing me to have a completely random password for each site I use which I believe is the best way to go.

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In the real world (a.k.a. outside of the theoretical stuff), user error is what results in stolen passwords, not cracking or hacking.

  • Make sure to use a decent antivirus so you don’t get a keylogger or password grabber
  • Never respond to emails or logins asking for your credentials, legit ones will -NEVER- do so
  • Don’t ever login unless the URL starts with https:// (it used to be a problem of sites logging you in over an unsecure connection, but no reputable site does anymore)
  • Don’t leave passwords lying around on sticky notes, and if you do need to write them down, keep it on a piece of paper in your wallet; that way if it ever goes missing, you’ll know

Though cracking’s still not completely out of the realm of possibilities (just rare), especially if you use the same login for small forums and stuff where you can’t guarantee the source code or hashes will be safe or using the most secure standards. So you should still practice good password habits, like mixing upper/lower case, using numbers, using symbols, and making it as many characters long as you feel comfortable using.

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