Twitch Active Avatar URL

is there a way to get an image URL of a user active avatar?
currently I am getting a CDN URL with openID claims, and it’s not synced
with what the user have.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s just a matter of callimg the userinfo or Get users endpoints and using the returned URL.

It shouldn’t not be synced.

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Thanks for the quick replay Barry,
I see, any reason the URL shouldn’t be synced? ( just wondering )

Only if the user changed their avatar/profile picutre just after you loaded it from the API

Sorry, I meant at my original question " It’s not synced"
as afterwards any updates to the avatar will not be reflected on that URL.
the original image is displaying correctly .

So I have to call the API once again to get a new URL I suppose?


The URL changes when the user updates/changeds their PFP.
Easiest “fix” for any caching problems.

If you display PFP’s then recache needed users periodically/when needed.

Thought you were reporting a bug.

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