Twitch Affiliate and Leaving Extensions Developer Program

I’ve goten invited to Twitch Affiliate program but
I’m not able to apply to it because the Extensions Developer thing is replacing it. If any staff members can remove me from the Extensions program and help me sign up to Twitch Affiliation program that would be great thanks.

My twitch is georgemods for staff

Weird, I didn’t have this problem (mind you it was a year ago). The cool thing was my tax information was already verified so the affiliate sign-up went really fast.

Hey can anyone help me What do I do if I don’t have tax id or anything because I’m under 18

For the affiliate agreement if you’re between 13 and 18 you need a parent or guardian to go through the process and agree to it. For the dev agreement you need to be at least the age of majority (usually between 18 and 21 depending on country).

Ok so is there a way too go around it or

It’s a legal agreement, so no, there is no way around it.

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