Twitch and Xbox account

Hi, has anyone been able to figure if there is a way to see the Xbox connection to a Twitch account. For my bootcamp’s project, I’m trying to search by name and would be better if there was a way to see the Xbox gamertag linked to the Twitch account.

It’s not possible to see connections through the API, and nor will Twitch ever make that information publicly available as it’s private data.

Even if Twitch was to add that functionality in the future, it’d be behind a scope as it’s private information, so you’d only be able to search through users who have specifically granted your app that permission.

Ok thanks. But… I wouldn’t say ‘nor will Twitch ever make that information publicly available as it’s private data’ because you never know in the future they can allow users to choose to display their Xbox gamertag on the profile or next to their name.

It’s private data so even if a user wanted to expose that information Twitch may not want to for privacy/legal reasons.

Even if Twitch did allow users to display that information, there are a dozen ‘recommend’ connections, and an unlimited number of apps that can be connected to an account, all of which may have overlaps in usernames between different users. For example my XBox gamer tag could be identical to the username of someone else on Twitch, or a connected app on another service.

And even if a user did want to display that, and Twitch did want to allow it to be displayed/searched, it’ll still unlikely be returned in the 3rd party API because developers of apps already know who’s connected, and if you want to see a connection of an app you have nothing to do with then there’ll be the issue of returning partial results, as a user may want to share their xbox connection, but not their Amazon account.

… And even if all of that did happen, searching by xbox gamer tag would still result in a poor chance of successful searches as the majority of users wont go into their settings to toggle on their connection to be shared. When it comes to connecting to apps the vast majority of users are set it and forget it, meaning a large number of xbox gamer tags would never be searchable even if that user is on Twitch.

Maybe I poorly explained myself. All I was saying is, IF I have connected my xbox account to my Twitch, and IF twitch gives users the OPTION to display their XBOX gamertag on their profile, then if I look up a twitch user by login name in the api, there can be an attribute called “xbox”:“gamertag” that shows their gamertag if they choose to display it…and how is a gamertag private data? It’s a gamertag for a reason

And what about PlayStation, or maybe Stadia, or [insert any service here] do you want Twitch’s api to return an unlimited number of fields, bloating the user data returned? Do you want some limit, if so which services? And whats your use case?

The same way a users email address is private, you can’t scrape the API and harvest users email address, same for connections. If you want a users email they have to explicitly give you that permission.

Further to that, if an ID on another service uniquely identifies a user then it’s possible for it to be classified under the GDPR as personally identifiable information, which means it has to be handled in a certain way to be legally compliant.

If you do want to request this as a feature than you can submit it to buy just realise that what you’re asking for is problematic and risks privacy issues that would restrict any implementation of it.

I mean it wouldn’t be unlimited number of fields returned, at most it’d be 1 attribute whose value is an object with at most 4 platforms(Steam, Xbox, Playstation, Stadia). My use case is for my project, I wanted an easier way to be able to not rely on the player’s PUBG gamertag to look up their Twitch because not everyone uses the same name on both platforms. Maybe I would be able to filter users where their connection includes or is xbox and if their gamertag is what im looking for.

I don’t know how to quote on this thing but that’s exactly what I’m saying, if Twitch gives users the ability to make their xbox connection gamertag public then I don’t know how that’s a privacy issue? Please explain. and thank you for the link.

If you wish to know more about the GDPR, or privacy laws I suggest consulting a legal expert.


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