Twitch API connection limit?

I’m planning to make a Twitch Bot which should be public.
But I want to host these Bots on my server, so my question is whats about connection limits?
Is it per user or ip4-adress?

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

I think there is no connection limit! :slight_smile: Not per user and not per ip4 adress :slight_smile: But maybe I will learn something new, if the twitch Staff proves the opposite :smiley:

I hope not, because the Twitch Bot would be much work…

Since you say bot I will assume you are referring to an IRC connection. In that case remember:

  • Message rate limit lockouts are by IP address. So if one account exceeds the limit all the rest will be locked out too.
  • Channel join and auth limits are for the entire IP address.

okay, so the irc connection have a limit, but not?

The API just has a rate limit tied to your Client-ID. Multiple connections will just saturate that rate limit faster if you’re sending multiple API requests per connection.

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