Twitch API for (all of) own Followed Games/Categories

This is an attempt to get all of the Followed Games/Categories I follow with active broadcasters who use the labels in the first place to show up!
Stemming from my own list of followed games, Super Mario Maker 2, another game/category I follow, does not show up here, but when I search it, plenty of people are broadcasting and watching!
The API Documents only tell me how to get information pertaining to 1 game at a time, not at least every game you or some other use is following.

All of this to ask:
Does anyone have any information pertaining to gaining access to a list of Followed Games/Categories, using the newest API, that are at least actively being broadcast, from at least yourself?

Twitch never had a supported “get games I follow” end point

So it’s a “no can do”

You’d have to get the streams of the users you follow



Well, I tried. Thank you for explaining this. Away I go.

Yeah my example above will get you whom you follow.

But if you want “games you follow”, you’ll have to manually create a list of games you follow

The use the game_id agaisnt the streams end point

Games: (to game game_id)


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