Twitch API for Who is Hosting Channel...?

Is there a Twitch API I can use to create a custom $readapi command in Ankhbot to see who is hosting me?
Thank you

Unsupported API - which means Twitch does not support it and may remove/change it at any time - where you must provide chanelID which is not your channel name:

This returns a JSON payload with data. I do not have the format right in front of me, so you would need to have your channel hosted and pull the data (or pull from another channel being hosted). Please note that the API may be several minutes behind the actual hosting event due to caching and other factors. Additionally, I am not familiar with Ankhbot and have no idea if it has the ability to parse a JSON payload or not.

Above I indicated that you need your channelID, you get your channelID from the following API, retrieve the _id value:

thank you for the reply!

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