Twitch api how to user follow and unfollow

Hello to everyone,
I want to create a platform using Twitch api.
I want to use many features such as logging in, watching live broadcasts, joining a conversation but I’m having trouble follow and unfollow tracking not ( Sorry for typos :slight_smile: )
codes I use:
$th = curl_init();

            'Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json',
            'Authorization: OAuth '. $tokenns,
            'User-Agent: curl/7.43.0'
    curl_setopt($th, CURLOPT_URL, ''.$yid.'/blocks/'.$myid);
    curl_setopt($th, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
    $t = curl_exec($th);
    // $stast = json_decode($t,true);
    echo $t;

this is the result of:

error: “Not Found”,

status: 404,

message: “Follow not found”

Do you have any idea what you can do?

You have posted code relating to “blocks”

Follows is documented here:

UnFollow here:

I was trying the blocking code
the code I use to track this way:
curl_setopt($th, CURLOPT_URL, ‘’.$myid.’/follows/channels/’.$yid);

can you help me please

This means there is no follow to unfollow.

I’ve linked the docs, not sure what else you need there?

I want the users to follow each other and I get an error.
for example:
I want a user b to follow
did you understand me?

Whats the error?

such a result is returning but does not follow

in the meantime, if they follow each other this result comes out
if a user does not follow b before the transaction, doesn’t it have to follow?

if not followed before;

error: “Not Found”,

status: 404,

message: “Follow not found”


I forgot to tag, sorry.

when i use this code is not follow just checking

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If you are performing an attempt to follow and getting


error: “Not Found”,

status: 404,

message: “Follow not found”


Then you are not doing it right. That’s not a correct response for performing a “create follow”.

Sounds like you are not PUTting, just GETting

As documented

Please provide your full code and the responses you are getting

problem solved thank you :slight_smile:

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