Twitch API integrated with merch store

Hello everyone. Noob here. :smile:

Is it possible to create an API connected with my merchandise store. So every time someone acquires something on my website, it will appear on my stream.
“‘xxx’ just bought a T-shirt”

Hope this is the right place to ask this. Thank you guys!

Depends on your merch store.

What you are discussing is way beyond the scope of this forum.

You’d have to go talk to the people running your merch store

Why does it depend on my merch store? I am sorry, I am anything but a tech person.

But it is technically possible? I have never seen a streamer that does this.

Your merch store needs an API that can be talked to

Do you watch CohhCarnage? He has a store notifier for his merch store. I know, I built it.

Do you watch anyone using DBH? DBH has an API and a lot of people tie it up to Streamlabs and notify (at least I’m 99% sure SL added a DBH notifier)

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This helps me out a lot already! Thank you.

May I ask how much time and money it takes for hiring someone to build an API in my merch store that can be talked to.

That depends on many things. I have insufficient information here to math out a quote.

I am sorry. I don’t know what it depends on so I cannot give an overview information needed to answer my question. However, if you can tell me what it depends on, I might be able to answer.

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