Twitch Api Java, irc limits?

I try to make own bot, i use this api ->
My problem is fact i can only send 100 msg/commands per 30 second, what i should do if i must t/o viever f.e for rasism but i can’t because i exceed the limit ;/ and other my problem is fact when i try to t/o some body i send msg like:
“/timeout " + event.getUser().getLogin() + " 10 Bad world!”
but how to t/o somebody with raw irc msg?

Set a delay or queue to prevent sending more than 100 messages in 30 seconds.

To send a timeout you must send a message to the channel with “.timeout” as such:
PRIVMSG #channel .timeout USER 10 reason.

Thanks for answer, is any way to extend limits for my app, like nightbot? where i can find any requirements for somethink like this?

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