Twitch API just returning "e"

So, something odd started happening about 3 nights ago. All of a sudden, when some users tried to login to my site using the Twitch API, all the API would return is “e” for EVERYTHING (except the email was This caused anybody who logged into my site during that day to all be logged in as “e”, not their individual accounts. Caused a big headache for me trying to sort out who is who.

Since then, I have fixed the issue by checking for username length (must be 3 characters or more now, to prevent names of “e”). All that does is prevent anybody who wants to login and encounters this error unable to login to my site using Twitch API. Which is pretty shitty…

But why did this all of a sudden start happening a few nights ago out of nowhere? Never had this issue before, and I’ve been using the API for years.

Again, this is what it returned for the users. Not all of them, but about half I would say.

name: e
display_name: e

5 days, no replies. Thanks for the support I guess…?

I think I may have found the issue. It’s a result of the password reset thing from back in March. Those who never changed their password since the reset, aren’t able to login to Twitch applications. The API should be a little more clear about this and return a proper error rather than a false user with a bunch of “e” information.

I’m not 100% sure that this is the issue, although some people have said that changing their passwords made it start working all of a sudden. So I have a very strong feeling that it is.

Edit: Okay, people are still getting errors. The API is no returning nothing at all for the user.

Can you provide sample usernames? What application? Has anyone else had this issue?

Hmm, I’m not sure. I can’t really tell who it’s affecting since it won’t log them i. And I’m sure a lot of them just go away after that. I’m still getting it on a daily basis, about 10-20 failed login attempts due to the API returning absolutely nothing.

The application is: “” (not sure if you need the Client ID or not).

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