Twitch API library in Rust

I’ve written a Rust library for the Twitch API for my own use and thought I would share it with everyone here as well.

It is missing a few of the most recent additions to the API and the Community calls haven’t been properly tested since it was a bit difficult for me to do. The other modules have tests though.

If anyone is able to help with testing calls which require partnership that would be awesome!

Looks sweet! Thanks for writing this!

As luck would have it I was looking for a Rust library for Twitch yesterday. I’ll give this one a go later this week. Hopefully it can replace raw hyper calls peppered throughout my project.

Glad to hear it. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Since it’s still an early version of the library we can make some adjustments if something doesn’t feel quite right.

The documentation is there but a little on the sparse side and I have to fix the example code for the top-level module :sweat:

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