Twitch API OAuth problems?


I’ve been updating my site and testing some stuff but not changing the login routine between twitch and my website but for some reason I can’t use the Twitch API to login to my site anymore. Instead of returing the required code in the redirect url i’m getting the following:


Seems to be a twitch related problem I guess?


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Same here

Problems seems to be resolved as of now.

this problem occurred again

Yeah the problem is also occurring again for me now. I tried other websites that use Twitch OAuth and they are experiencing the same problem.

Yes, i’m also experiencing issues with my mIRC bot. All the commands with OP permissions do not work.

I can’t seem to login either. I’m getting the same error as @goku:
“The server experienced an internal error”.


I just realised it is a Twitch issue. (They tweeted about it)

Got the same exact issue.

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