Twitch API v3 and v5 Deprecation Updates

Update (2019/07/25): Please see our latest information regarding the shutdown timeline for v3 here.

Greetings from Twitch,

We have important updates to share regarding deprecation of v3 and v5 of the Twitch API.

As previously communicated in February 2017 and documented in the v5 API guide, Twitch planned to remove third-party support for the v3 API on December 31, 2018. However, we are delaying this process by a few weeks to provide developers more time to prepare for the upcoming changes. Starting in late January 2019, Twitch will begin a controlled shutdown of v3 over several weeks and withdraw v3 from public third-party access in early 2019. More details on the shutdown process and exact timelines will be made available in mid-January 2019. We will communicate these changes prior to starting shutdown and withdrawal activities through our developer channels like the Developer Forums, so please stay tuned.

Also, we previously documented that API calls without a specific API version in the headers would be directed to v5 endpoints after December 31, 2018. This change is also on hold. We will confirm an exact date for this transition in mid-January.

Finally, if your existing Twitch integration uses v3 of the Twitch API, you should immediately migrate to the new Twitch API. Documentation for the new Twitch API is here. If you have questions about moving to the new Twitch API, visit the API section on our Twitch Developer Forums to learn more and ask questions.

As an important reminder, v5 of the Twitch API remains on a deprecation path. Twitch will announce an end-of-support date and shutdown plan for v5 in 2019.

We are working to make sure the upcoming changes will be as well communicated and documented as possible. As members of the Twitch community, we understand that you count on the reliability and stability of Twitch APIs. It is our goal, through these changes, to meet these requirements so that you can build more amazing experiences on Twitch. Thank you for your continued support and patience.