Twitch API v5 Inspector calls

Hello Everyone!

I was looking at the documentation, and as i really like the Inspector tool, i was sad to find out that there was no API calls for this. Is this something that is planned, or would i want to get the channel status and information another way?

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What kind of channel status and information would you be interested in getting?

Well, i don’t mind having to build my own parser, that looks at the stream quality, but the twitch inspector already have so much, so i was hoping maybe this is stored somewhere, or an api can provide me with some live information (either through api calls, or websockets. Things i would be looking for, is really most information available for stream health, for example:


Average FPS
Average bitrate
Keyframe settings

And for example, the Inspector will let you know if there is any problems, it would be great to have a api call to like /errors, or /alerts, where we can get the newest warnings from the inspector.

Would this be possible in the future? Or maybe most of it is already available?


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