Twitch API V5 - Issue retrieving data for some users


It seems that for some reason some users that have done something to their accounts which has caused statistics to be lost could no longer be found from API as normal user with client_id authentication.

I have tried with both OAuth and ClientID with API V5 and what i get is following:

Using url:*********************&api_version=5
(Also happening with header: ‘Accept’: ‘application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json’ in Python request to API.)

I asked some information regarding this from 3ventic and he could retrieve the information with his credentials but this has been confirmed by several users with their tokens that for example the name in url (gg_hashtagneverreload) did not retrieve any results for them.

This was first noticed when an Discord/Python Bot Developer updated an extension with Twitch API check to use V5 instead of V3 and when it was converting saved names into IDs but it started throwing the error which then aimed the issue to be API related.

Could someone confirm if this is meant to be like this or possibly a bug?

Thank you in advance!

Are you sure the users that you are getting 0 results from are still current users? for example that ‘gg_hashtagneverreload’ doesn’t appear to have a twitch page, and looking up the user with v3 returns {"error":"Unprocessable Entity","status":422,"message":"User \"gg_hashtagneverreload\" is unavailable"} which I assume means that the username is no longer in use (perhaps they changed their username, or the account is banned/deactivated?) as if the user never existed it would have returned a 404 user was not found.

I ran into a similar thing when adding user IDs to my database for v5, in the end I just removed them from my database as without already having their user ID I had no way to verify if they had changed name.


It could be the case.

Thank you for the reply!

Didn’t even notice you gave me a different username than the one you were testing with…

@Dist 422 is always a suspended account as far as I know.

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