Twitch Api Video Embading

Hello i wan’t to embed the Stream and the Chat on my Website but with iframe i can’t change the size.
Now i was thinking i try the Twitch Api but all i get is the Links and Followers and such.

My Question is how i can embed the Steam and Chat with the Api???

Can you provide some more information about what you are trying to accomplish? iframes support height and width attributes.

I know that iframe supports height and width but for example if i embed the Chat
it has a size of 500x350 but if i set it to 500x150 you can only see a litte bit from the Chat.

Lets say the Design from the Website has a Content size of height: 800 width: 600 and the Stream player has a size of
height: 400 width: 450 and i wan’t to place the Chat on the right site of the Stream then the Chat need to have Widh 150

Sry for if my English is bad :slight_smile:

Looks like the minimum width in order to fit all the UI elements if 300.