Twitch API VOD download issue

I am trying to write a python script to download vods and am following this layout, but the json['chunks'] list doesn’t contain any download links for me on any quality. Anyone have a similar issue?

I am using a valid client ID


import requests, json

data = requests.get(
    "" +
print json.dumps(data, indent=4)


"chunks": {
    "audio_only": [], 
    "medium": [], 
    "mobile": [], 
    "high": [], 
    "low": [], 
    "chunked": []

The is an outdated script. Also the API does not support downloading VODs.

Also, you won’t be able to get support here for third party scripts (referencing the Gist you linked). Try contacting the person who created the Gist, as that is your best hope for getting support using it.

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