Twitch App - Constant Buffer Over WIFI but not 4G


I’m sorry that this most likely is the wrong place for this but, I don’t know where else to go at this point or who to contact, and from what I see here you guys are the real pros so I come here with my hat off with a full bow / salute in hopes even though the wrong place, your insight might be all I need to figure out what’s going on. You guys are truly my last hope!

I was going to wait for the PS4 slim coming out probably at the end of the year or next year sometime which is said to have hardware upgrades but I don’t think I can wait anymore. SSDs are one of the upgrades. Now IMO if they’re going to start shipping with SSDs then chances are they’re finally going to go from a SATA II board to a III to where the PS4 would fully benefit from having a SSD. Anyway, I ordered my PS4 and I started thinking about live streaming from it, and start broadcasting a little bit of gaming here and there.

I also play WoW so I read up on OBS, and downloaded it, and I have everything set up perfectly for my system following Twitch’s guidelines and everything streams flawlessly, no issues encoding, no issues streaming out at all. However, this is where I need the help of the big boys because I can’t really get help elsewhere and there’s really nothing on Google about this. I also emailed Twitch directly as well as submitted a bug report but have not heard back which is why I’m taking a chance posting this on like the only forum I can find that might be worth giving it a shot.

OK, I use my Samsung Galaxy S4 to watch my stream with the Twitch APP, and this is where I have my issue. First off, here’s my internet.

When my phone is connected to the WIFI while using the Twitch APP, the video will play for 3 seconds, and then the spinning circle will appear, and it will Load / Buffer for a good 4-5 seconds, and then it will resume. However, after another 3 to 5 seconds, it does it again. Over, and over again. It NEVER stops doing it. When I TURN OFF my WIFI, and use my 4G, everything works PERFECTLY. Unfortunately, I can’t use my 4G for this all the time as I’ll run through my 5GB plan VERY FAST, and you there’s no quality toggle on the Android APP. If I could turn it down to 360p-480p, perhaps it would solve the issue but then again I don’t see how as it’s not a internet issue on my end. I have a GREAT FIOS package.

Also, 3 years ago, someone submitted the same issue it appears.

But here we are, and it seems the problem is still here. It TRULY is a shame that this was never looked into or fixed because the app really does work EXCELLENT but it would be even more AWESOME if I could watch streams over WIFI without it stopping every 3 seconds. My internet is BETTER than my 4G so why does my net keep buffering on the Twitch APP?

Thank you!!!

One thing that might matter is if you’re in an apartment complex, other people’s wifi signals can interfere with yours. This degrades the signal and can cause buffering issues.

The android app does have a quality selector. If you press the cog on the video player, quality options appear.

However they may not appear if your stream doesn’t have transcodes. Transcodes are given to partners and broadcasters with a high number of viewers.

Yes, I only have source on my stream.

I’m not in an apartment, I live in my own house with FIOS which isn’t shared like Comcast among everyone around you.

Again, the buffering is ONLY when trying to watch MY OWN STREAM between 6pm EST and 1am EST.

I have located the issue last night though. It’s Verizon throttling Twitch between certain times because they’re currently bumping heads. Before 6PM EST and after 1am EST, I have NO ISSUES.

Ah yes, issues with verizon is a known issue that we’re working on. I’m sorry to hear it is effecting you.

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