Twitch authenticate using OIDC id_token missing

Hi there,

I am trying to configure Twitch as an Open ID Connect Identity Provider in my Keycloak server. As far as I understand the API authentication documentation this should be possible. I am implementing the Authorization Code Flow and am currently stuck at step 4) “We respond with a JSON-encoded…” The documentation says “OIDC responses include an additional OAuth 2.0 token, an ID token,” which would be compliant to the linked OpenID Connect spec. However my authentication server keycloak explodes while processing the response from the token endpoint because the response looks like this: {"access_token":"a","refresh_token":"a","scope":["openid"]} So there is no id_token but an refresh_token instead. The content is not JWT:

tl/dr: The token endpoint returns a field named “refresh_token” instead of “id_token”. Am I calling it wrong?


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Can you double check the URL you’re posting against?
OIDC flows require a post to a new enpoint:

If you post the code to the OAuth API,, you’ll get a standard OAuth refresh token and access token