Twitch authorize is passing me back a # instead of a?[client_id]&redirect_uri=http://localhost:8080&response_type=token

What I expect to happen is I get redirected to


however I’m redirected to


Which causes problems with my router, which ended up looking like


But what I expect is


Anyone know what I’m doing wrong here?

Implicit always sends with a hash param, type=code sends it as a ? query param. Hash can’t be read by servers, that’s why they send it with a hash, only browsers can read it.

Are you using angular? You can change the routing strategy from hash to location.

I don’t know react or others, but I assume they have similar concepts to change also.

Using vue actually. But, thank you. Switching it to code will work just fine for me. Don’t know how I didn’t see that before.

just remember code needs your secret, so you need your backend to convert it to an access token, you can’t put your secret on the front end

Gotcha, thanks

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