Twitch Bot Sharing?

After I go through the proccess of validating my account that I run bots through as a proper bot, may I be permitted to allow other people to run their bots through it on their channels as well?

I ask, because the ToS states that unless “expressly permitted in writing by Twitch” (Does typed words count as written?) I am not allowed to share the account, and I’m not sure if this is applies to bots aswell.

I am not sure what you are asking but I am sure sharing means that you give the account credentials to others, not that your bot connects to their channels.
Many bots use a central account like Nightbot, Moobot, Streamlabs and many other smaller third party bots.

If you mean give the credentials to others that they can run their own bots on that account… then I am pretty sure thats against ToS

It’s not against the ToS if I get written permission from twitch, did you not read the actual post?

Additionally, there may be ways to let their bot run through my bot account, without actually giving them the credentials…

StreamLabs has me log in to my bot account to generate the OAuth key, but I’m not sure if the same OAuth key my StreamLabs is using will work on theirs.

And by your own argument, anyone using StreamLabs Chat Bot is breaking the ToS, since they are sharing their bot account with StreamLabs, where Moobot actually uses its own account.

It seems like a backwards way of doing things, but if I understand what you want to accomplish right, the way to go about it would be for each of the ‘bots’ that want to use your account have an auth page, where you would log into your bot account and then go through each bots OAuth process to grant them a token for your bot account.

OAuth tokens are private, so shouldn’t be shared. If you was to share a token and one of the bots gets compromised (or a user is intentionally malicious), and the token gets out in the open then you’re account is liable and you would need to revoke access to everyone. When done properly (as much as anything in this setup could be considered ‘proper’) each bot would have their own token to your account so you can revoke access specifically where needed.

Also, StreamLabs chat bot isn’t breaking the ToS as no username/passwords are shared, just permissions granted through the OAuth system which is fine by the ToS.

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DStreamlabs chat bot takes code they wrote and uses a completely different username/password/account for each user/bot namr. There is no account sharing

If I read what you are saying right, you have an account, may I call it “MyBotAccount” for the purpose of this reply? Now, you want, say, 5 other people to also use “MyBotAccount” for their chat? While I won’t comment on the ToS, do keep in mind that there are global chat limits and if the bot responds at an expedient rate that I believe it could be possible that it could get a short term ban (30 minutes if I remember right but, perhaps someone else can chime in that knows this better than I do).

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