Twitch chat limitations for mod bots

Have there been any changes since the May twitch patch for the chat limitations? The current limit of 20 commands/messages every 30 seconds is about one command in queue every 1.4 seconds. That doesn’t work for a bot running in dozens or hundreds of channels.

Moobot and Nightbot both run on many channels and I doubt that they queue all channel commands/messages and process them one at a time every 1.4 seconds. How are they getting past this limit?

If you are sending message to only channels where the bot is a mod, the limit is 100 c/m in 30 seconds.

Gotcha. Has the mod issue been resolved?

Also… even at 100 c/m in 30 seconds, that would limit the bot to only a few hundred channels.

No answers? Moobot is in hundreds of channels at once. The math just doesn’t add up, even with a queuing system. Are they whitelisted or something?

Also, I think (Not sure.) that those 100c/.5m is per channel. And not in general. Else it’s a little hard to get it accurate (The bot’s not a mod EVERY where.).

I think the limit is global. Does anyone know for sure?

It just wouldn’t make sense and would request extra server space to store all the channels it is and isn’t mod on.

Illogical, if you ask me.

From my personal bot service I can say that I think I would have been repeatedly gbanned if the limit was global and not local to the bot. Nevertheless, I am still quite unsure about it and would also like an official statement.

I would also like some more information on this, building a bot myself.

Can any of the mainstream bot creators share some light on this? Are the messages per channel/connection/ip/username ?

You could just test it your self… (._.’)

Limit is for all messages on a connection. Resulting lockouts are IP address based.

I have a question regarding this 100 message/30 second limit. I have noticed that sometimes the Mod Icons in chat are not appearing briefly and that the “+o” and “-o” modes from the IRC chat. Do these temporary loss of moderation powers also cause a drop of the moderator message limit back to 20m/30sec? Thank you for any information regarding this detail.

I’m 97.421% sure it will not negatively affect the limit.