Twitch Chat Non-IRC API


I’m trying to build a Twitch channel for the Roku platform and they have an SDK that does not have an IRC client nor web browsing capability. They handle XML and Json fine but nothing HTML/CSS/Javascript based. Is there a special API for Twitch chat that doesn’t involve IRC – like sending json responses with the 20 most recent messages? If not, how difficult would it be to build an IRC client?

I noticed that authentication on non-web devices is done by displaying a code on the device and having the user enter the code on This is done to bypass the problem of having to redirect the user to the Twitch login page which is made for web browsers and thought there might be something similar for Twitch chat.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hey, @LeoWW!

IRC is our supported protocol for There is a community-created project called TMI.js that might help you out. Otherwise, rebuilding an IRC client would take some time. You’d have to read over the RFC and implement it.

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