Twitch chat over HTTPS

There is documentation for embedding twitch streams over HTTPS via{channel} and <object>, but I can’t seem to get the chat embedded over HTTPS. When I try{channel}/chat in an iframe it redirects to http{url} and then the error ‘content must be loaded over https’ is thrown and it won’t load. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Currently, the Twitch website doesn’t support HTTPS everywhere. It’s something we are working towards, but is not yet available. I do not know of a workaround at this time, sorry.

Ok thank you. Is there any timetable for when this is expected? Having the twitch chat over HTTPS would help me out a lot.

Is there any update? Would be really nice to embbed the chat with https.

Until now, no SSL support for chat.

I noticed on my site twitch chat is coming through over HTTPS. Has this officially been implemented?

You can’t embed secure iframes to Twitch, so it doesn’t seem possible that chat would have been going through HTTPS on your website. If you saw traffic over port 443, Twitch’s IRC servers listen on 80, 443, and 6667. The first two ports are used as some corporate/school networks block other ports.

Excuse the bump but has there been any update on this issue? https is quickly becoming a must for websites with logins and ssl-free http2 won’t be supported by either Firefox or Chrome so I feel like it would be very nice if this could potentially get resolved soon.

There is no update. You’re right that HTTPS continues to become a larger concern, and we’re paying attention to the direction browsers are heading, even if that’s 2 years down the road.

Ohhh. I really need it to. Made simple app for, most users 80% are over ssl. So i can’t show them chat =(

it’s a shame that HTTPS doesn’t seem to be taken seriously. I feel like HTTPS should be a pretty high priority, especially as more and more website move to HTTPS. I can’t imagine it’d be that hard to implement. With something as big and as popular as Twitch, I feel like having HTTPS would be kind of a big thing, especially for the sake of user security… shrug

It is… Notice of upcoming changes: websockets and secure connections - Chat and IRC - Twitch Developer Forums

Oh well that’s great news… If only I saw it last night when I spent a good hour searching… I guess I didn’t word my searches right.

I don’t like bumping things but there is a high demand for twitch chat over https. I really hope implementation of https for all twitch services comes soon. I searched around hoping there was some kind of update on this but I was unable to find anything.

You don’t like bumping things, but you didn’t even read the last posts of the thing you bumped.

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