Twitch Chat Permissions New API

Currently trying to figure out the Proper way to request Twitch Chat Permissions from the NEW API setup without using v5 API Calls, is there anyway to currently do this? I’m trying to setup my Project for the Long Term, i already have full v5 Support all 90+ Endpoints LOL then they release the new system, i would like to make sure that the Chat Requesting System I setup, will work after the Depreciation of the v5 Endpoints.

Chat isn’t directly tied to the versioning of the REST API.

So I can request the Chat Permissions for the irc Chat Token from either or API? do I use kraken only? or can I use helix and get the same token?

Authentication is independent from both Kraken and Helix, except for the scopes available.

So i can use Both Scopes in the Same Auth? Or do I have to do 2 Different Calls with different Scopes?

Same call

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