Twitch Chat Shrunk?

Hi, I am a streamer, and I have noticed something wrong with my chat box on Twitch. This happens on every single stream I join, on any browser. The picture (Click here to see), shows my problem.
The chat has shrunk. I have 2 monitors. 1 1920x1080p one, and a smaller one that I’m not sure of the size off the top of my head. This chat would be fine, but it cuts off the bottom of the feed, so I can’t read the bottom message, or if the bottom message is 2 lines long, I can only read the first line. Twitch has already made interaction harder by adding a delay, but now I can’t read my own chat! (not that I’m blaming Twitch, this is obviously on my side only)
So to summarize. Does anyone know a way to fix this?
Thank you for any replies in advance!

The hyper-link doesn’t seem to be working. Here is the link to the picture instead!

Hey, it’s possible that your browser font size for Twitch is changed away from 100%. We have a bug right now where that will often push the bottom chat buttons onto two lines, which in turn expands the input area to cover up some of the bottom part of chat.

Try pressing Ctrl+0 to reset it. Ctrl + / Ctrl - also work, as well as Ctrl + scroll wheel.

This should fix your issue, but again, it’s our fault that it’s happening (you should be able to use that browser functionality without any adverse effects). Fixing this is on our todo list.

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hey thanks, i noticed this TODAY and quickly looked it up, thanks for the ctrl and 0 tip

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