Twitch Chat Thoughts

Welcome Readers,

I’ve came up with an idea to improve the chat function. I would like to see a like/dislike comment for normal users/subscribers. According to the likes/dislikes the background of the comment changes to light green/green/dark green or light red/red/dark red.

This will help moderators picking out bad comments and helps the streamer/viewers pick out important/bad comments.(I mean this in an only reading fashion) I don’t think giving normal viewers this functionality would be appropriate but I would love to see this tested.

I’ve been moderator in chats and I think if this gets implemented it helps streamers with 2000- viewers a lot. Of course the big streamers 10.000+ chats goes way to fast to maintain such a model but I am convinced it will help twitch out.

I would like you guys to criticize my idea and point out any flaws.


Big streamers can activate slow mode, this way the model can still be maintained.

Perhaps you should suggest this over at the Help Desk, since this forum is strictly for helping users in integrating Twitch with their code.

k thanks a lot, Srry for the confusion. I’ll be contacting the help support.