Twitch chat user list TCL


I’ve seen channels who are using a point system to reward those who stay active.
These point systems are run on a client though and I’m looking of a way to make it possible through my Eggdrop (TCL) instead.

The problem I’m having is that I get no user list returned on either join, part or /NAMES #channel.
Any tip/tricks or ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

I have a bot myself with a point system written in C#.
What I do is create a list instance per channel and then add/remove new viewers to that list on JOIN, PART and PRIVMSG.

Hi, im new on this forum.

Im searching about content related to twitch and eggdrops compatibility. This still with poor information about what can be done.

Atm i connect to channels but got some issues on join/part users, just wont get log.

Is anyone here that had done this with success?

Sorry for pushing up one topic with almost 2 years…


Hey there

yes I managed to get a eggdrop working (Around a year ago)

But you have to implement the user list on your own.

The reason for that is, that Twitch IRC is not implementing the IRC-protocol correctly!

Keep in mind, that in the future Twitch will most likely drop IRC support and you will be forced to use Websocket