Twitch Chat (Viewers) Limitations?

I noticed I didn’t need to use my client code to use this:

Will that change in the future? How often does this list update? Thanks for your time!

TMI is not an Official Twitch API end point

It is not supported and can and will change at any time.

Only URL’s starting are officially supported

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Good to know thanks! What is the official way to do this?

There is no official way at this time

The method you are using is what we (devs) use at this time

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Again, thanks for that update. 10 thumbs up!

That is mostly true. However, we usually will give heads up about changes.

For that specific, highly used endpoint, we’d take care not to make breaking changes unless there was critical reason to do so, and even then we’d update here first (as soon as we knew it was going to change, and what it’d change to).

We’re doing a lot of boilerplate API work here internally so that we can better supported the versioned, documented APIS that you want :slight_smile:


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