Twitch Chatbot without CLIENT_ID in Python

Hello, i’m developing a chatbot for learning purposes.
First… I did the bot in Node JS and works “fine” (it doesn’t let me getting more than 5 accounts per command that I give to it), but sometimes it sends the message. If i’m mod/vip with that user, it works fine, but I need it being only user.
Also, I’m using multiple instanses of TMI.js, calling each one with a different folder of TMI, and using this to use it.


Now, I’m trying to do try this in Python, but I don’t want to use “CLIENT_IT”, only user and oauth, it’s possible?


That’s all a bot uses to login with.

It uses the username as the login
And the oAuth token as the password

It doesn’t use a clientID.

Generally you will use your own oAuth generation loop in order to generate a token to login with, which would need a webflow and a clientID + secret.

This sounds like you’ve grabbed tmi.js off the shelf and someone elses token generate to get going.

There are a number of criteria at play here.

“regular” users can’t repeat the same/identical message in a 30 second window.

If you were consuming NOTICE/USERNOTICE and/or raw logging you would see a suitable alert.
TMI.js will often hide these and not all people catch them.

You need something more “raw” for learning with that a library that will interprete errors for you.


And add a console.log to line 201 for example

This exmaple logs into chat anonomously, but you can see on lines 69/70 where you would substitute a result username and oAuth token.

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